Luvme Hair Order Tracking

For order information security, Email and Order Number are both requested.

Special Benefits:

$100 Bonus Item!

You can do a review after receiving order, if the review meets requirement, you will receive the bonus of $50 - $100. Check how to get it >

Luvme Local Hairstylist

Many customers said, it's hard to find a good hairstylist to install. So we launched this item. You can find the nearest local hairstylist. Check it >


Why is my order pending?

Please allow up to 12 hours for your tracking information to start populating. Normally, within 12 hours after you place order, the order status is displayed pending, which means that our staff are sorting out your order requirements and shipping information. If the status still shows pending for more than one working day, it is very likely that your order is in an abnormal state. In this case, we usually send you an email to ask for abnormal situation. You can check your email.

Why is my order processing?

Why is my order delayed?

Normally, the processing is 24-48 hours, delivery within 2-4 working days in USA. If it spans weekends or holidays, you need to add the weekends or holidays. If you order the customized wig or hot-selling wig or length, it be delayed by 2-3 days. Or If you are in UK or Germany, Customs inspection will delay your order for 2-3 days.

The best way to get in touch with Luvme

If you want to get in touch with us, and want our help ASAP, please send email to, and in your email, you'd better to describe your problem clearly and tell us your order number or order page screenshot.

Why can't I track my order?

Please make sure you place your order at, and entered the correct email and order number. If you confirm it is correct, please check it in a few hours, because there maybe a few hours delay about system.

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